Name28-UST RemovalsSA, SR, NFRLocation
Amperage Electric1000 Gallon Diesel
2000 Gallon Gasoline
SA, SR & NFRRoselle
Angie's Group, LLC1000 Gallon Diesel
1000 Gallon Gasoline
SA, SR & NFRChicago
Brass Creations, Inc.500 Gallon GasolineSA, SR & NFRChicago
City of Crystal Lake3 Lift Station Sites: 500 Gallon Diesel EachSA—Clean SitesCrystal Lake
Equibase Capital Group500 Gallon Used OilSA, SR & NFRChicago
HA Langer & Associates6000 Gallon Heating OilSA, SR & NFRChicago
John Maloof1000 Gallon Heating OilSA, SR & NFRSkokie
KLF EnterprisesThe UST we removed was previously filled with sand.
10000 Gallon Diesel
Reich Brothers, LLC (Alberto Culver)All USTs we removed were previously filled with sand or slurry.
500 Gallon Heating Oil
13500 Gallon Heating Oil
12000 Gallon Ethanol
7500 Gallon Waste Water
4000 Gallon Heating Oil
7500 Gallon Heating Oil
Multiple SAs, SRs & NFRsMelrose Park
Richard Chow1000 Gallon Heating Oil Bunker TankSA—Site CleanChicago
Skokie Millwork1000 Gallon Heating OilSA, SR & NFRSkokie
Sonido de Albanza Church2000 Gallon Heating Oil
2-1000 Gallon Gasoline
SA, SR & NFRCicero
Stuckey Construction (Highland Park High School)500 Gallon Heating OilSA, SR & NFRHighland Park
Sunco Real Estate Site 11200 Gallon Heating Oil Bunker TankSA—Site CleanChicago
Sunco Real Estate Site 22000 Gallon Heating Oil
3500 Gallon Heating Oil
SA, SR & NFRChicago
Village of Hinsdale2600 Gallon Heating Oil Bunker TankSA—Site CleanHinsdale

Key:  28—UST  Removals, 16—Site Assessments (SA), 28—Site Remediation (SR) & 20—No Further Remediation Letters (NFR)